Thursday, 7 April 2011

Baby Food ~~

Posted by mrs maryam at 14:15
My syarif has started eating his homemade baby food... Yeay... And I was surprised that he can finish a whole apple everyday in the evening... This has been my first experience and I didn't know what to really expect or become of it... I have ventured to all sorts of blogs and pages just to learn on how to make pureed baby food for my hero... Hohoho...
This was what Syarif ate so far ;
2/4/2011 - A whole pear - Klakar nye syarif uat muke, cm la masam buah 2.. (mak rs manis je) Hoho..
3/4/2011  - Lunch wit Half of a banana - Loved it (maybe becoz it was freshly blended)
                - Evening wif A whole apple - Fastly loving the taste
4/4/2011 - Lunch with one banana - Terkulat2 mkn, kata pengasuhnye...
               - Evening wif an apple - Laju je makan cm biasa... Hohoho... Good Boy!
5/4/2011 - Lunch wif bubur nasi & carrot - Mkn slow2, 1st time jamah bubur nasi... Xminat carrot kot
               - Evening wif an apple (His Favourite)
6/4/2011 - Lunch wif bubur nasi & sawi - Laju plak mkn nye.. Hehehe.. Syarif suke GREEN ye..
               - Evening wit an apple lagi ... Nanti seminggu lg la mak tukar rasa mknn laen laks ye..
7/4/2011 - Arini d same as yesterday la plak kn... Huhu..

Nanti mak try resepi laen laks ye.. campur itu ini ye, anak mak sayang

Che meow


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